FELCO Solutions Windchill Custom Training

Custom Windchill Development Courses

We are committed providing our clients with the most extensive knowledge of understaning there software in the best efficient and productive manner. Our course instructions have been designed to replicate situations that our clients encounter on the job.

All courses are conducted remotely using our Web conferencing software and our Windchill Virtual Machines (VM) located on our cloud servers. The student will be provided with a Remote Desktop shortcut to access the VM. The instructor is allowed to view and control the training VM images to better assist the student. We can also conduct the course onsite if requested.

  • WC Intro for Print/View/Light Users
  • WC Intro with Creo
  • Applied Business Admin
  • Applied System Admin

WC Intro for Print/View/Light Users

Windchill Introduction for Print/View and Light Users Course

Duration: 1 Day

Basic Windchill terminology, navigating Windchill, finding and visualizing content are essential skills for all Windchill users. Students concerned with document management learn how to create and manage documents and participate in promotion and change processes.

Windchill Version: 10.2 and Creo 2.0

Prerequisites: None

WC Intro with Creo

Windchill Introduction with Creo Course

Duration: 1 Day

Creo Parametric users learn how to interact with Windchill through the Workgroup Manager. Students register Creo with the Windchill server and lean the processes for maintaining locally cached content. They create new and manipulate existing CAD Documents. Many possible error and warning messages are deliberately encountered, explained and resolved. Students should leave this course with a clear understanding of how to perform daily design tasks in a Windchill environment.

Windchill Version: 10.2 and Creo 2.0

Prerequisites: Introduction to Windchill 10.x for Print/View and Light Users is highly recommended.

Applied Business Admin

Windchill Applied Business Administration Course

Duration: 3 Days

This comprehensive course was developed to teach new Windchill business administrators what they need to know to configure and administer Windchill. This course helps students become effective Windchill business administrators by focusing on the most commonly applied administrative practices and reinforcing PTC recommended practices.

Windchill Version: 10.2 and Creo 2.0

Prerequisites: Familiarity with Windchill as a CAD or document user is preferred but not required.

Applied System Admin

Winddchill Applied System Administration Course

Duration: 3 Days

This hands on course steps through most Windchill system administration tasks. Students learn how to plan an implementation and then install Windchill and configure it as if it were going into production. Regular monitoring and maintenance tasks are practiced and automated where possible. Then students manually rehost Windchill and perform a software update, client configuration and troubleshooting. We manage to make room for Windchill Visualization Services, Active Directory integration, and replication for those who need it.

Windchill Version: 10.2 and Creo 2.0

Prerequisites: Familiarity with hardware, networking, and Windows servers and clients.