PLM Consulting Services

Product Lifecycle Management

The FELCO Solutions Windchill team has a broad experience in serving our partners with solutions to improve business processes, Windchill performance, database tuning, and optimizing implementations.

Windchill Business Administration

FELCO Solutions knows how challenging it can be to setup or manage a business configuration that satisfies all the organization requirements within a PLM system. That is why our team is devoted to assist and architect a Windchill system configuration to better manage processes for our partner’s needs. FELCO Solutions Business Administration Plans.

Windchill Customization

Businesses sometimes need a functionality that is not included in the Windchill application. The FELCO Solutions development team has extensive knowledge and experience of customizing and automating Windchill to meet our partner’s requirements. We adopt Windchill customization best practices and follow a strict development road map.

Windchill System Administration

Working with many diverse organizations, we have learned the very best practices and mythologies to implement and maintain a PLM system. Our PLM System team performs implementations that ensure a PLM solution is successful. We perform database tuning, updates and upgrades, system assessments, active directory, 3rd party integration, and optimize the Windchill system performance.

Windchill Migration

FELCO Solutions offer migration services from Pro/INTRALINK to Windchill. Our migration experts provide migration best practices and support for deploying Windchill. We have comprehensive migration plans and strategies to ensure migration success.

PLM Development Services

PLM Development using the Windchill API
"Windchill customizations are not bad if the project is managed properly.""

The FELCO Solutions software development team specializes in customizing and developing added functionality for our partners within the Windchill framework. We have over 20 years of experience programming applications within PTC PLM products. We have automated business processes using workflow robots, created custom Windchill wizards, created standalone tools, produced custom reports, added custom menus, and created many extensions to satisfy our partner’s requirements and business needs.

We want our partners to understand our workflow development process. Our development team solves diverse Windchill issues, therefore they are required to use industry standard development tools for every developed project. This ensures our partner’s projects are controlled, managed, and are deployed efficiently

Below are the development tools that we use for customizing projects.

JIRA (Plan and Track Projects)

We use JIRA to plan projects, create development workflows, and track development team progress. All issues related to a Windchill project are tracked and visible to the team.

BitBucket (GIT Version Control System)

Bitbucket is a collaboration software that uses GIT to version control the code. It manages and share repositories to build and deploy the Windchill code. Approves code reviews more efficiently with pull requests and allows our team can hold discussions in the source code with inline comments so we know what is happening to the code modifications.

Apache ANT

Apache Ant is a Java library and command-line tool whose mission is to drive processes described in build files as targets and extension points dependent upon each other. The main known usage of Ant is the build of Java applications for deployment. Ant supplies a number of built-in tasks allowing to compile, assemble, test and run Java applications. Ant can also be used effectively to build non Java applications, for instance C or C++ applications.

CAD Consulting Services

PTC Creo Product Family of Services

The PTC Creo CAD software is a leading 3D parametric modeling design tool for industry solutions. PTC Creo Parametric provides integrated 3D CAD, CAID, CAM, CAE solutions to design and analyze the complete 3D digital product definitions.

The FELCO Solutions CAD team has over 20 years of experience utilizing PTC Creo software to increase the design productivity within a manufacturing and engineering environment. Our Creo experts are knowledgeable and skilled in many extensions in the Creo suite that are listed below.

Design Services

  • PTC Creo Advanced Assembly
  • PTC Creo Advanced Framework
  • PTC Creo Modeling

Creo API Services

  • Creo JLink
  • Creo Weblink
  • Creo Visual Basic
  • Creo Pro/TOOLKIT for C
  • Creo Object Tookit for Java
  • Creo Object Tookit for C++
  • Creo Pro/Program

Creo App Services

  • PTC Creo View MCAD
  • PTC Model Check